Girls Program

Since the club’s inception, we have made a special commitment to developing and providing a viable and supportive club soccer experience for our female athletes. Especially those athletes from Los Angeles’s downtown “underserved” neighborhoods.

DTLA-SC began it’s girls program with 1 team in 2012 and this year for our Fall 2020-21 season we will be fielding 11 girls teams ranging in age from 8 to 19.

We also place a special emphasis on working with our girl athletes, who wish to continue playing at the collegiate level and beyond and currently have a number of our former players who are student / athletes at Division 1 and 2 schools through the US as well as members of women’s professional and national teams throughout the world.

The program is year round and is run by our 8 USSF certified women coaches. This is important to our program because we strongly support the idea that, all things being equal, women coaches should be working with our girl teams.

2016/2015 Juniors Marianna Hernandez [email protected] 323-841-3824
2014/2013 Division 2 Mick Muhlfriedel [email protected] 323-314-7172
2012/2011 Division 3 Marianna Hernandez [email protected] 323-841-3824
2010 Division 1 Karina Galindo [email protected] 323-684-9656
2008 Silver Elite Jimena Torres [email protected] 213-841-3680
2006/2007 Premier Monica Martinez [email protected] 323-396-4911
2005/2004 Championship Frank Galindo [email protected] 323-841-3824

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